Owners of north side Lina’s Mexican Restaurant to take over a closed Lina space

In December 2020, the owners of Lina’s Mexican Restaurant at 4920 E. Central announced they were closing  after being in business for five years. The owners were looking to part ways with Lina’s as it was tied to a franchise. Since then, they have announced a new restaurant will be opening at 1451 N. Broadway named El Taquero.

The space at 4920 E. Central would only sit empty for a short amount of time. About a month after Lina’s closing, the owner of the north Lina’s Mexican Grill at 3750 N. Woodlawn announced they would take over the Central space.

Both Lina’s have always been separately owned and operated and that will no longer be the case. The 4920 E. Central location should be ready to go sometime in February. I’ll keep you posted when an opening date is announced.

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