A new Vietnamese restaurant is taking over the space vacated by Pho Ong 8 who has since moved to 3801 E. Harry in front of the old Wichita Mall. Coming soon to Wichita will be Phở King + Rice (pronounced fuh-king-plus-rice).

They will soon open at 4857 E. Harry. Renovations are currently taking place inside and no timetable has been given on when they will celebrate their grand opening.

Their menu will feature (the obvious) pho and fried rice along with other traditional Vietnamese dishes that they hope to f’n excite you.

I’ll keep you posted on an opening date and perhaps share an audio of the restaurant name’s pronunciation for those still unable to figure it out.

Happy Dining,

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  1. Why do you have to use the F bomb in the title. Your a writer not a 16 year old. You sound and look not professional when you use language like that. Especially in the headlines. Show some respect and be proper. Lead by example and not have a potty mouth. Im done with you all.

  2. Eddy don’t let her define you or your blog! I’m always Phoking excited to see what restaurant you have visited. Some of your true fans will still always look to your blog before deciding where to eat. Often being the deciding factor on the ever question,” where do you want to eat?” – SPE694

  3. Everyone please leave my wife alone. I haven’t been able to pleasure her in awhile and her bitterness on here helps her feel satisfied. Please allow her complain and belittle everyone. Eddy you’re doing awesome?

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