Strawberry Crunch Tacos is a sweet way to celebrate Taco Tuesdays

While browsing through Facebook, I saw something I knew I wanted to get my hands on immediately…. Strawberry Crunch Tacos. I love strawberry crunch anything and of course I love tacos. So, the marriage between these two made sense to me. A home-based business called Jackeline’s Yummy Sweets had them on their Facebook page. Within minutes of seeing it, I placed my order through their Facebook page.


Card payments available through Venmo, PayPal or CashApp

Jackeline’s Yummy Sweets also does cakes, cocoa bombs, cookies, cupcakes and more but the sole purpose of my visit was to get my hands on those strawberry crunch tacos.

They were priced at 6 for $8 and 12 for $15. I made my order, paid via Venmo and pickup was out in west Wichita.

The tacos were made with a baked buttered flour tortilla that was coated with strawberry crunch crumbles and stuffed with a creamy filling and topped with strawberries. The shell held well and broke apart easily with each bite but not to the point where the rest of the taco fell apart. It was sturdy in a good way. I was expecting it to be an extremely messy eat that crumbled apart after the first bite. Fortunately, it didn’t. I loved everything about it.

Each bite was heaven. I knocked down three immediately unaware if there would be any left to share. I kept going and going and next thing I knew, I ate five.

Taco Tuesdays are a fun weekly food day to celebrate. These Strawberry Crunch Tacos gave me a new-found way to enjoy the day.

Check out Jackeline’s Yummy Sweets on Facebook to order yours.

Happy Dining,

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