Yokohama Ramen Izakaya’s new limited-time menu features wagyu beef, curry, and truffle shoyu ramen

A new year brings hope, happiness and new offerings from restaurants! One of the latest limited-time menus came from Yokohama Ramen Izakaya. The Japanese restaurant at Normandie Center introduced some different Japanese wines and appetizers for a limited time but the huge feature came from three featured dishes.

6434 E Central Ave
Wichita, Kansas 67206

Thursday – Tuesday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Wednesday

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The three new dishes included:

  • Japanese Wagyu Beef. After speaking with the owners it’s a Japanese Miyazaki A5 Grade Wagyu Beef that was flown in from Japan. It’s served nigiri style with two pieces placed over rice for $29.99.
  • Truffle Shoyu Ramen which includes seven pieces of pork and shrimp wontons, Chef’s special truffle mix, half egg, corn and onions.
  • Yokohama 10-hour curry which includes Tori Karaage, Panko shrimp, half egg, fukujinzuke, white rice and their signature curry prepared for 10 hours.

We stopped by and ordered all three items.

Our dinner started off with the amazing wagyu beef. They brought out the slices for us to get a look at. There was a beautiful marbling to it and I was excited to finally try Japanese wagyu.

The two pieces were placed over rice and had its signature cherry red color. They then brought out the torch and cooked it right at our table.

It was like eating a piece of sushi. The bite was incredibly tender and didn’t have a strong taste to it; in this case the strong beefy bite wasn’t there. It was such a simple yet delicious piece that melted in my mouth. There wasn’t a need to even chew the piece.

After our wagyu beef, we were given our ramen and curry dishes.

Their truffle shoyu ramen was unlike any of their other ramen dishes. Filled with plump wontons, the broth had a strong truffle oil taste to it.

Quite possibly the big winner of the night was the Yokohama 10-hour curry. For the cold winter night, it was an amazing comfort dish that warmed our taste buds. The bowl had an amazing aromatic flavor to it that was a little bitter and sweet at the same time. It was deep and earthy and one of the best curry dishes I’ve had in recent memory.

Between the three dishes, there was no shortage of amazingness to be had. I’m not sure how long these options are available. I do know there’s only a limited amount each day so get it while you can.

Here’s their New Year’s Limited-Time Special Menu:

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