The Chunky Poodle: Oversized Gourmet Cookies Review

The latest craze surrounding cookies online has been surrounding The Chunky Poodle. They are a local cookie business that takes orders online or can also be found at Flying Moose Antique Mall at 9223 W Kellogg Dr. The Chunky Poodle makes big oversized thick gourmet cookies.

Since I was out west, I opted to do a pickup at the antique mall.


At the front of the antique mall was a display of the cookies they had on hand.

The cookies run $3-$4 depending on the type you get. While they make all sorts of different cookies, what is available at the Flying Moose Antique Mall can vary. The four I saw on hand were:

  • “Stilo” (Cookies & Cream, Oreo, White Chocolate)
  • “Colin” (Brown Sugar Vanilla, Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s Center)
  • “Oatmeal Scotchie” (Oatmeal & Brown Sugar Cookie, Butterscotch and White Chocolate)
  • White Chocolate Birthday Cake (Birthday Cake, Sprinkles, White Chocolate)

I saw they had a Sweet Blueberries cookie with a blueberry cobbler center available in the past but was devastated when they didn’t have any. I love blueberry anything when it comes to dessert.

The cookies were incredibly huge and thick as advertised but more importantly, tasted great. They were sweet with a soft fresh-out-of-the-oven interior even after being wrapped up and sitting on the display. Each bite left a rich heavenly feeling. At home, we all took bites of each one and it felt like we just had ten cookies due to the sheer thickness of them. We all had our own favorites with mine being Birthday Cake cookie.

To get yours head on out to the Flying Moose Antique Mall or visit their Facebook page.

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