Dining by the Alphabet Suggestions – 2022 Edition

Over ten years ago, this blog started out as a “Dining by the Alphabet” adventure. We’d start with a restaurant that began with the Letter A, then B and so on. It was a fun way to explore new restaurants, many that I had never heard of in my early days of blogging.

Over the years, I’ve seen others try the same dining adventure. It makes for a fun couple’s journey, something to do with friends, family, anybody.

I created this handy little one-pager with some suggestions. Of course, I had to take some liberties with which restaurants started with what letters and ignore “the” and “el” in a restaurant name, but this should give you a head start to try “Dining by the Alphabet”. If you want to search everybody restaurant, I highly recommend our restaurant directory which you can filter and find every option for every letter.


Dining by the Alphabet – February 2022 Edition

Dining by the Alphabet

If you’d like to download the PDF option, here you go.

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1 thought on “Dining by the Alphabet Suggestions – 2022 Edition”

  1. Hi there! We are the owners of Avivo brick oven pizzeria and would like to be added to this list if possible!

    Thank you!

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