First Look at EXTRAordinary Cheesecake Company

There’s a new option in town for cheesecake. The business is called EXTRAordinary Cheesecake Company and they hope to bring the cheesecake standards in Wichita to a higher level.

Call 316-285-6048

EXTRAordinary Cheesecake Company was started by Jack Feist who also works at Ben E. Keith. During the pandemic, he wanted to challenge himself to create a cheesecake similar to places he’s seen in New York like Junior’s Cheesecake. Feist isn’t necessarily a huge cheesecake fan but his wife and parents are which gave him the motivation to conquer the challenge.

After much experimenting, he finally perfected his recipe and has been making his cheesecakes available.

To start he has four flavors available:

  • The OG (Not-So-Plain #nycheesecake) – Toppings: Cherry, Chocolate Ganache, Caramel Sauce, Strawberry
  • Chocolate Chip – Comes with or without Chocolate Ganache
  • Fruity Cereal
  • Crème Brûlée

Given that I’ve been on a crème brûlée as of late, I placed an order for it. EXTRAordinary Cheesecake has cheesecake options in 4″ for $10 and 9″ for $35-40. I opted for the 4″ one.

What sold me on the cheesecake was the sponge cake crust. Too many times in town, I’ve had cheesecake that were all premade and frozen or made with a frozen crust. The top layer was similar to a crème Brûlée in flavor and texture, the cheesecake itself tasted exactly how I thought it should be and the crust was the cherry on top (or in this case, the bottom).

For those with food allergies, you’ll be happy to know EXTRAordinary Cheesecake Company’s cheesecakes are gluten free.

While the business has just started, you can get them by the slice at Lotus Leaf Cafe in downtown Wichita. Feist also let me know that Big B’s Beef will soon be carrying a New York style cheesecake in the future. Orders can also be made by visiting EXTRAordinary Cheesecake on Facebook or simply the good ol’ method of calling 316-285-6048.

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2 thoughts on “First Look at EXTRAordinary Cheesecake Company”

  1. “Feist isn’t necessarily a huge cheesecake fan…” not sure this is a viable recipe for long term success but damn, those cheesecakes look mighty fine!

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