First Look at La Jerezana

A brand-new restaurant will open their doors to the public on Friday, February 5 but before that, we have your first look at La Jerezana. The Mexican restaurant is located in the space that once housed Taqueria El Paisa, Casa Del Charro, and most recently Armando’s. If La Jerezana sounds familiar, it may be because of their original location in Salina, KS. In talking with the owner, she was excited to open a second location in Wichita which allowed her to have access to a bigger kitchen, more seating and the opportunity to expand on the menu.

2227 N Arkansas Ave
Wichita, KS 67204

Open Daily: 10am – 10pm

Cash/Card Accepted

La Jerezana which will have a full bar also serves a full menu of traditional Mexican favorites. They have fajitas, hamburguesas, tacos, gorditas, menudo, seafood dishes and so much more. There’s truly a little of everything for everyone craving Mexican food. I’ve read good things about their Salina location and was excited to try this one out.

To start our dinner, we began with an order of chicken nuggets and fries. I know, who orders chicken nuggets and fries at a Mexican restaurant? A 19-month-old, that’s who. But for her, the fries weren’t overly seasoned and the nuggets had a soft pillowy interior which was all right up her alley.

Moving on to some of the more polished palates in the family, we had the chile verde burrito and the mojarra frita.

The first bite we had from our dinner was the rice and beans. It’s often a side that gets rushed and overlooked by many restaurants as well as diners. We took the time to appreciate the simple sides and loved it. Both provided some great flavor and played an extra role as co-stars in our dishes. If you can make good rice and beans, then you know the rest of the meal would be great which it was. The chile verde burrito had a great balance of tortilla versus pork and refried beans. The sauce alone was excellent. But put it all together and it was quite the quality meal.

The mojarra frita isn’t for everyone but it’s a dish I just love to get. It’s about as literal for seafood as you can get when you see your food and your food sees you back. The deep-fried tilapia had plenty of delicious meat which came right off the bone with ease. Granted there were a ton of small little bones with the meal but that’s part of the trick when eating it. If you can overcome that, it’s a worthwhile meal.

There are plenty of great food options along north Arkansas and La Jerezana just adds into the mix of a delicious competitive area of town. At the very least, give this one a try to see what you think.

Here’s their menu:

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5 thoughts on “First Look at La Jerezana”

  1. We ate there on the following Sunday and the food was really good. I had the lengua and al pastor tacos with a pepper and cheese gordita. My favorite was the lengua, followed by the gordita. I was left a little “meh” with the al pastor, it felt a bit too dry and not enough flavor. Despite the meh feeling, everything else was spot on. We will be back for more!

  2. Don’t that have plates that are real-sized? I hate food spilling all out on the table because the plate cannot encompass it.

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