First Look at Old School Tap House & Social in Kechi

Old School Tap House

Kechi is home to a brand-new restaurant and tap house. The latest dining option has a unique look being housed in two old portable classroom buildings transformed into a restaurant. Introducing Old School Tap House & Social which serves food, craft beer, wine and spirits in a self-service eater.

I stopped by with a small group to check out the space. Here’s what to expect.

210 E Kechi Rd
Kechi, KS 67067

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday

Website | Facebook

Cash/Card Accepted

There isn’t much parking available, but there’s a lot across the street where many people were parking at.

Upon entering Old School Tap House & Social, there was a sign to explain how the place worked.

Step 1 involved ordering a drink at the bar. There were over 20 beers on tap. They had a wide selection of local craft beers on hand from River City Brewing Co, Wichita Brewing Co, Hopping Gnome and Walnut River. For those that don’t like beer, they had wine and sangria as well.

To order a beer, they ask for your driver’s license to keep your tab open.

Step 2 involved seating yourself. They don’t have servers so most of its self-service. Staff will walk by but it’s to pick up empty glasses and to bus tables.

Step 3 if you want to eat is to scan the QR code at the tables which brings up the food menu. All the ordering of the food is done online. You pick what you want, pay on your phone and await the text to let you know the food is ready.

Step 4 is picking up your food. A little shed outside the restaurant is a makeshift kitchen that prepares all the food.

We ordered many dishes on our visit. There was some good news and bad news to share on this step.

To start, the classic reuben was a good take done panini style. There was a generous and even amount of corned beef, provolone cheese, sauerkraut and a thousand island dressing. The marbled rye bread was toasted to keep everything intact.

Another favorite at the table was the BBQ chicken and Smores flatbreads. Both items received lots of compliments around the table. They made for great finger foods to be shared at the table.

The soft baked pretzels were a little over done but had a nice salty coating. The reactions were a bit mixed on those. But we were all in agreement that the beer cheese dip could have used some time being heated. I could literally hold the container of dip upside down and nothing fell out. It was on the verge of being solid.

By far the most upsetting portion of the evening was the savory grilled cheese melt with tomato basil soup. We weren’t sure if any part of the sandwich was grilled. Most of it came out a lukewarm and a look that didn’t resemble grilled cheese. To make matters worse the tomato basil soup was thick like a dip. There wasn’t any liquidity to it. This take on the grilled cheese was a very disappointing dish and a waste of nine dollars.

Aside from the food, the ambience is very cool and the vibe is just chill. There aren’t any televisions inside, so people are forced to try this fun thing called talking with people. It does get a little loud inside but nothing that’s overbearing.

Once the weather warms up, there’s a cool patio out back that should be very enticing.

We all had a great time at Old School Tap House & Social. Aside from the grilled cheese, everything for the most part was great. It should be noted, drink prices are a little on the high side. We spent $35 for two beers and two sangrias. A friend ordered a seltzer (White Claw) I believe and that was $7-8. I should say the food may not blow you away but the place itself may. The place was extremely busy and we could see why. For one, there aren’t many places to drink in Kechi and two, the place just has a cool vibe that you want to be there.

Oh, and I forgot, there’s a step 5 which is Repeat 1.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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