Girl Scout Cookies Review: New Toast-Yay!

Girl Scout cookie season is well underway. A new season of cookies brought on a new flavor: Toast-Yay! The new option is a French Toast-inspired cookie dipped in delicious icing and full of flavor in every bite. Yay! (That’s literally the description complete with the ending of Yay!)

The new box of Toast-Yay! which cost $5 came with 16 cookies inside.

So, how are the cookies? For starters, there was a slight French Toast aroma to the cookie.

The fact that only 16 cookies in the package might be a deterrent for some, but each individual cookie was quite large. They were almost as big as my palm.

The cookie has its underside dipped in icing while the other side is bare with a stamped logo on it. As for how they taste, it was almost a mix between French Toast Crunch cereal and a shortbread cookie. I was told the cookies use real cinnamon and real maple syrup and you can definitely get the cinnamon taste in each bite. Overall though, it was a nice balance of sweet and spice which was about as close to French Toast as you could kid. We had no problem finishing the package of cookies quickly.

Compared to other new cookie options of the past, the Toast-Yay! ranked higher than others in our book. We’d get them again.

A cool option this year is being able to order cookies online which is what I did.

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