GoFundMe set up for family of 13-year-old who was dragged to death

I don’t touch upon GoFundMe efforts much or stories like this in the news, but this one has brought tears to my eyes, hurt, anger, sadness and more.

On Saturday, the Wichita Police reported that a 13-year-old was dragged to death. A man stole a vehicle that was still running with the child still left in the car. After driving off, the child tried to escape and got caught in the seatbelt. She was then dragged by the vehicle along Kellogg for several miles.

The child’s name was revealed to be Brianna Ibarra.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help Brianna Ibarra’s family with funeral costs and any other expenses. If you have it in you, please visit the GoFundMe or at the very least share it with others.

I can’t fathom the pain for the family and my prayers and heart goes out to all of Brianna’s family and friends. My heart goes out to anybody who witnessed it and the first responders. It’s a tragedy of the worst kind.

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