Jack’s Coffee Shop aka Jack’s Burgers Revisited

Most Wichita burger aficionados know them as Jack’s Coffee Shop which is completely fine even though their new signage up front says Jack’s Burgers. Like many restaurants, 2020 was a rough outing for Jack’s. The long-time burger restaurant was forced to make some changes due to COVID-19. I wanted to stop back by and give them some love so here’s our revisited review of Jack’s.

6154 S Hydraulic St.
Wichita, Kansas 67216

Call Ahead Orders
Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash Only

For those unfamiliar with Jack’s Coffee Shop, they are the true definition of a hole-in-the-wall. The restaurant resides in an old rickety looking brick house on south Hydraulic in the middle of no where. Driving by, most people wouldn’t even realize it’s a restaurant. Fortunately, they at least have more visible signage right out front that says Jacks Burgers.

Another change is the owner has gone away with the big bowl of chips that were served with orders. With the carryout only option, fries are the only option.

The menu is about as bare-bones as you can get. You can get a large cheeseburger or a small cheeseburger. I didn’t get the updated prices for both but the large cheeseburger with fries cost $12.

All call in orders are quoted around twenty minutes which for most people is plenty of time if you’re driving in from the east, west or downtown part of Wichita.

The to go version of Jack’s is what I remember from dining in. A big heaping plate of beef piled with grilled onions and pickles that just so happened to reside in between some buns so it could be defined as a burger. The picture may not do the size of the burger justice. It was a massive and required some effort to eat by hand.

While I prefer big thick juicy burgers, this was still juicy and greasy in its own right and provided a really good flavor thanks in part to the old grill that has probably served thousands of burgers. It certainly doesn’t have your traditional appearance of most burgers, but I still considered this a winner.

The fries were a bit greasy and slightly soggy from being wrapped up in foil in a car ride home but still tasted great. There are probably some people who are picky about their fries, so let me warn you these aren’t the crispy type.

I’ve never had a bad time at Jack’s Coffee Shop. With it being on the edge of town and many new burger options popping up, I think Jack’s Coffee Shop is often forgotten about.

The owner was very appreciative and thankful of the visit. They were really slow when I stopped by and hope this review could push some others who love Jack’s but haven’t been in a while.

Happy Dining,

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5 thoughts on “Jack’s Coffee Shop aka Jack’s Burgers Revisited”

  1. Haven’t been to Jack’s in several years, but we remember it as a fun place to visit; and the hamburgers were big enough to cover the plate, and they were GOOD! Glad to hear they are still around; will try to get back there when it warms up. One thing we remember from back in the day is that there was no Jack and no coffee, just darned good burgers! Also at that time, there were no French fries – just potato chips in serve-yourself bags in the middle of the room with 2-liter sodas on the same table.

  2. My husband introduced me to Jack’s burgers many years ago, I’m excited to see that they are revisiting the possibility of reopening, I definitely will be introducing my kid and grandkids to Jacks, can’t wait!!!

  3. I haven’t been there in years. I remember big bowls of sliced tomatoes, a bowl of sliced onions, the pickles. 2 liter bottles of soda on the table. The room was filled with smoke from the grill. And, since the air conditioner was in the window by the kitchen, there was fog when you came in the door. Absolutely no decorations. Bare sheet rock on the walls. Fantastic burgers!!

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