What it’s like living with a food blogger

A funny question I get is what it’s like living with a food blogger. Some people think it might be so cool with being able to eat out all the time and experience different types of food. Let me tell you, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. There are definitely ups and downs to living with someone who spends a good portion of their life thinking, writing, and thinking about food.

If your significant other is getting ready to tell you they want to become a food blogger, here’s an idea of what to expect.

There Are Positives

Living with someone like me has its positives. For starters, I consider myself a pretty fun and cool guy. I tell my 19-month-old daughter this every day. By the time she turns 5, I will no longer be the pretty fun and cool guy but the embarrassing dad who thinks he’s pretty fun and cool.

But with that aside, what exactly are the positives of living with a food blogger?

  • My family has access to an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to eating out in Wichita. If there’s a type of food or an area of town, they are wanting to eat I can probably name off 5-10 places quicker than it takes to Google it.
  • It’s educating. I’m always out trying to learn about new foods and cuisines. Being introduced to different foods has been one of the best parts of food blogging.
  • Sometimes my family gets to be one of the first people to try new restaurants. Over the years, I’ve been invited to many soft and private openings so they are getting first crack at all the cool new options in Wichita.
  • Often times breakfast, lunch or dinner is already decided days in advance causing fewer fights and debates on where to eat.
  • Less cooking. Sometimes the workday can be long and the last thing you want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen. Fortunately for me, I’m always game to eat out.
  • The adventure. A lot of what I do I turn into little adventures whether it’s going around town to find the best tiramisu or fast food breakfast, cooking classes, or anything around food. My hope is to make it fun and not a chore.

The Nuisances 

Of course, living with a food blogger is not always perfect. There might even be more cons than pros to it.

  • The weight gain. I’m the worst influence for any diet. Whether its friends or family, I’m a bad influence when someone says, “I’m trying to lose weight” or “I’m on a diet right now.” My response is usually centered around a cheat meal and it’ll be worth it.
  • Too much food. Yes, that’s an actual response. When getting carryout, I have been known to go overboard…. a lot. For instance, one day I went out to get wings. I was tasked with getting three different flavors and about 15 wings. When I arrived home, I had every single flavor in boneless and bone-in along with dessert…… and pizza.
  • Picking up carryout can turn into a one or two hour trips. Many times, I’ve gone to pick up a pizza for example. On my way, I find a restaurant I haven’t been to in 5-10 years and end up stopping in to get a quick bite. That quick bite turns into an hour. Then I get back in the car and see a new sign for a new restaurant or a new food truck. I stop, take pictures and notes before moving on. Then once I get to the restaurant for carryout, I see more food I want and order that as well.
  • I take pictures of almost everything we eat. This requires patience from everyone I eat with. Sometimes people forget to let me take a picture which then results in a stern talking to.
  • We don’t eat at home as much as normal families. Sometimes this can get old because who doesn’t love a home cooked meal?
  • We get lots of bad meals. Many people go to certain restaurants, order what they like and are good to go. They aren’t wasting money because they are sticking with safe dishes. I’m trying to eat everywhere and not everywhere is good. There have been quite a few times, we’ve gone out and have bad meals. I’m probably more patient with it but when it comes 3-4 bad meals in a row than it starts to get old for every one else.
  • Depending on how serious your partner wants to take food blogging, it can be a big time commitment. As I said earlier, often times I find myself constantly thinking about where I’ll be eating next, what next big blog project I want to do or talking with everyone at home about issues I see at restaurants and what can I do to help. I remember talking about a couple of restaurants that were struggling and literally being told, “Eddy, you can’t help everyone.” It’s those reminders that help me remember I have a family to focus on as well.
  • No one ever knows what to expect with me. I’ve surprised my family with grasshopper tacos and still have yet to live that down. That’s just one of hundreds of times I’ve ordered or brought food home that brings questions whether I’m human.

Living with a food blogger has its pros and cons. If you can focus on the pros, it’s definitely worth it and makes for a fun little side hobby that everyone can partake in. Hopefully this can give you all a little glimpse of what it’s like living with me or anybody else with the same passion.

Happy Dining,

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