Reviewing the west Wichita Hibachi Boy

Back around October 2019, a second Hibachi Boy opened. With one in Derby, the second location popped up at 21st and Tyler Road. Having already been to Derby, I wanted to visit the west Wichita spot to see if it was any different.

2243 N Tyler Rd Ste 119
Wichita, KS 67205

Open Daily: 11am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Hibachi Boy is a quick service restaurant that serves an array of hibachi meals that include noodle dishes, teriyaki bowls, fried rice, and sushi.

On my visit, I went with a bowl of their tonkotsu ramen (with pork belly) which was a creamy pork stock base topped with corn, green onion and carrot. For an extra dollar, I included an egg. I originally wanted to try their tom yum ramen but they were out of it that day.

The pork belly was delicious, nice and fatty; just the way I like it. Unfortunately, the broth was on the bland side. There just wasn’t much punch or anything to it. The noodles were great as was the pork belly, but the broth left a lot to be desired.

Since sushi was on the menu, I had to give that a try as well. My choice for lunch was the Hurricane Roll which included spicy tuna. It was a rather simple roll; about what I expected from a quick-service style restaurant. It was quick, convenient and affordable by sushi standards. Nothing about the roll excited me but it wasn’t bad either.

When it comes to quick-service Japanese restaurants that offer many dishes, I’d put Hibachi Boy in the middle tier. They do many things that I find to be decent but nothing that wows me. And because I said that, I’m sure someone will ask, “Who’s better?”. In my opinion, Fuji Japanese Grill & Sushi is a step above.

Here’s their menu:

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