Trying out the chocolate goodness of brigadeiros from Brazilian Cacao

I love hearing suggestions from people for food I’ve never had. When talking sweets, many readers urged that I check out Brazilian Cacao. It’s a home-based baker located near the middle of town that specializes in all sorts of different pastries including some Brazilian sweets.


Orders placed through their Facebook page
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The one thing that caught my eye that I’ve never heard of was brigadeiro which is a traditional Brazilian dessert that is made of condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles covering the outside layer. From what I read it is a popular confection throughout the country, especially for festive events.

It’s similar to a bon-bon. Different toppings and flavors like lime, passion fruit, pistachio, white chocolate, Nutella and more can be found at brigadeiro shops in Brazil.

The bite-size dessert is one of the specialties of Brazilian Cacao. There were a handful of different flavors they offered which included coconut, chocolate, sweet milk, peanut pasta and Oreo. I ordered a box of 9 brigadeiros with three different flavors: coconut, chocolate and Oreo.

Prices are as follows: box of 4 $7, box of 6 $10, box of 9 $15, box of 12 $20, box of 15 $25, and a box of 20 was $30.

They had some other items like carrot cake and Brazilian coconut egg but I ended up with more chocolate as I ordered their strawberry truffles. Their truffles are made with fresh strawberry filled with brigadeiro and covered with chocolate. Those ran $2.50 each.

My order was placed via Facebook where they typically need 2-3 business days notice.

The brigadeiros are a must for chocolate lovers. It was exactly like all pictures made them out to be. They were tiny little balls that packed so much chocolate punch. It was heavy and rich. I had one of each and that was enough. I’m not a huge chocolate eater, so three was definitely plenty and filled my chocolate cravings for the week but I could see how an avid chocolate lover could go through a box of twenty.

The strawberry truffles were similar to a chocolate covered strawberry. The added layer of brigadeiro gave it a richer texture and flavor though.

I’m telling you. All chocolate lovers need to try them out. It’s a must for all sweet tooths out there.

Check out Brazilian Cocao on Facebook to order yours.

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