7 questionable Ideas on what to do with Century II

I’m not exactly sure what will happen with the Century II building in downtown Wichita. The Save Century II group suffered a setback recently in their efforts to prevent the building from being torn down. It’s a hot topic for people who want Century II to remain as well as those who want it to be demolished and replaced with something else.

I started thinking about ideas for what to do with Century II in the event it’s torn down but everything I came up would not be received well and cause further divide. So, I kept coming up with more questionable, bad (or good) ideas and jotted them down. If you care to read every polarizing idea, enjoy:

Naftzger Park II

Every good park deserves a sequel. What if they tore down Century II and put in AstroTurf, the biggest dog park in town, and a huge stage for more outdoor concerts?

Cheesecake Factory

What’s more polarizing than Cheesecake Factory. And imagine the biggest one ever being built on the ground Century II used to be in? Even though we know the chances of the restaurant coming to Wichita are 0.0000005%, let’s just say hypothetically the city gave a huge incentive for Cheesecake Factory to come?

Multi-Purpose Commercial Use Facility

Downtown needs a grocery store, but why utilize it for a good idea? How polarizing would it be if a multi-purpose commercial use facility was built and filled with businesses like more vape shops and pay day loans? I’m talking ten different pay day loan businesses in one building. Give the consumers options!

Andy’s Frozen Custard

If College Hill doesn’t want an Andy’s Frozen Custard, let’s just tear down Century II and put an Andy’s there complete with seven drive thru’s and a huge patio space for customers to hang out at. Then place a big lot for food trucks to park at as well.

A Second Baseball Stadium

People were upset when the original baseball stadium was built. Why not piss them off even more and build a second baseball stadium less than a mile away from the other one?

Sell The Property to Two Guys from Minnesota

Another idea is to sell the property to two guys from Minnesota at 25% of their value and let them decide what to do with it.

A Casino

Wichita missed out on its opportunity to have a downtown casino in 2007. This is now the chance to capitalize on the opportunity.

Have any other questionable ideas on what to do with Century II in the event if it’s torn down? I’d love to hear them. If you read this and took any part of this seriously, you should probably stop reading anything from this website moving forward.

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6 thoughts on “7 questionable Ideas on what to do with Century II”

  1. Sharron Cirillo

    Use federal COVID funds and turn it into housing for the homeless and a service center. Google new castle county buys hotel.

  2. You should turn it into a large Aviary Rain Forest and aquarium and have monkeys Etc running through it Like Dallas World Aquarium on a smaller scale

  3. sondra K Leivan

    For of us that did grow up using Century II and have loved the events that we have attended there! I would like to see it used as a place for different places such as a mix of places to eat at and shop at! If the place has to be torn down then allow it to be a mix of different places for the public to enjoy!

  4. Take what is left of Joyland and transfer it to where C-II was and rebuild it. Along with your casino we could have two things we in this city crave…fun and games!

  5. Build high end apartments, grocery store, bookstore, restaurants and parking. I think whenever something new is built it ought to have a bookstore…no matter what. Even if it’s a tiny one, so be it. The promotion of reading is what should be going on…and not with screens in their place. Real. Live. Books.

    Wichita needs to start getting classy…I grew up there but will never return as it’s just a hole in the ground, anymore. But I still have fond memories of Century II. I met Elvis Presley there!

    Build something that can be used by all people of Wichita. Oh…and put in an arcade too…a virtual one or whatever the kids are doing nowadsays. That way; a couple could go out to eat and let their children run around.

    The fact that you would write a fake article in order to get reads is exactly why I cannot stand Wichita. People there can only garner entertainment from a nonintellectual point of view. IE: drinking, bad cover bands (like The Banned), a manure filled river, Nascar, eating too much and general malaise.

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