Checking out our first Final Friday in two years

I haven’t been to a Final Friday in a couple of years. The stars were aligned this past Friday. The weather was mildly decent, my daughter and I were looking for something to do, my buddy’s girlfriend was performing and a new food truck called Cousin Hector’s was out there.

This was my daughter’s first time checking it out. She had SUCH a great time. The first part of our evening was walking through the Wichita Boathouse where Final Friday was hosted. We browsed through some art and my daughter was not impressed. She heard music, she saw sunshine and wanted to be out among the masses.

Once finished there, she walked immediately over to the cornhole where some other kids were congregated. I let her do her thing. We would also walk around and check out some of the vendors on hand like Lee Media, Logo Depot, the various food trucks and another vendor selling cigars that she couldn’t have.

We also stopped by Cousin Hector’s for a torta and fries which you could read about here.

Our night ended listening to Just Tori Music. She had some wonderful covers and was very soothing listen to. I definitely encourage you all to follow her on Facebook.

I’m not sure if it’s just me getting old and falling out of the loop but I had no idea this was Final Friday and the event was taking place at the Boathouse. The only way I knew was because of the food truck announcement on Cousin Hector’s made by Big B’s Beef. I feel like I have a decent pulse on what’s going on in town.

Events like these are what’s great in our community and I wish there was one big all-inclusive platform or app that had it all accessible in an easy to view format. Hmmm…. might have to get to the drawing board.

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  1. The name “Final Friday” may be why there is not as much interest as the venue would like. It’s vague and immediately draws one to conclude that the event is a one off thing.

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