My daughter reviews Nuby’s Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate

When my daughter started feeding herself, it was a mess! The table on her high chair wasn’t cutting it. Food would come flying off the edges. I looked around online for some suction-style plates but needed something immediately so I drove to the store and came across the Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate. It was just a tad over $10.

When we opened it and placed it on the table, we were quite impressed with its suction ability. There was no sliding around. It did well on the high chair baby table along with every other table we had around the house.

One of my favorite features of the Nuby plate was its weight! It comes in at 0.606 pounds making it effortless to move back and forth from the table to the dishwasher. At no point did my arms feel worn out or sore in the transportation. Speaking of the dishwasher, it’s dishwasher safe, BPA fee and even microwave safe!

But more importantly, how did my daughter like it? After the first few uses, she was a big fan.

Just check out the depth of each section. You could fit SO MUCH FOOD in there!

The width of each section also made it accessible to stuff all sorts of different food in there like french fries, chicken nuggets, chicken breasts, spaghetti, peaches, bananas, dry cereal, and more. The options are endless on what kind of food. You dream it, the Nuby plate makes it happen.

My daughter enjoys that she can use this for not just breakfast but lunch and dinner as well; it’s incredibly versatile. It’s so versatile that if she wanted a midday snack, the Nuby plate could accommodate that as well.

It’s not perfect, though. There are some things she’d like to see. There is no place for her sippy cup. She likes to have her cup on the plate with her food so a third section would help. A built-in napkin would help as well; she’s a diva that hates getting her hands dirty. Instead of her having to reach out for me to clean her hands every single minute, having a napkin sure would be handy (no pun intended).

From a parent perspective, it’s not completely childproof. The whole point of the plate was to have a plate stuck to the table that held all the food in. She figured out by grabbing the edges, she could pick up the plate and toss it over. That does not make mommy a happy camper.

But aside from those negatives, the positives far outweigh them. It’s definitely worth the purchase. With so many variations, colors and shapes, you too can find one that’s the perfect fit for your child.

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