What to expect at Crosswinds Casino

The new CrossWinds Casino, owned by the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma, opened Tuesday in Park City. It’s located at 777 Jackpot Way which is the 77th Street exit (exit 16) off I-135. The 20,000 square foot building is essentially one big room. It was reminiscent of many smaller Oklahoma casinos I’ve been to where its slots only.

Since Tuesday, lines have been long due to its 375-person capacity limit due to COVID-19. At times, it’s been wrapped around the building. Fortunately, I was able to beat the lines and get in by going early in the morning to get a first look at what to expect at CrossWinds Casino.

The first thing you’ll want to do is go to the Players Club and get yourself a players card. You never know, you could hit big or lose a lot and start accruing some credits. Plus all Players Card members get a monthly newsletter, an annual birthday offer, exclusive email and text offers, merchandise giveaways and free check cashing! I signed up to accrue points for free food, not so much the free check cashing.

There are roughly 700 machines scattered throughout the building. As stated earlier, there are only Class 2 gaming devices (also called electronic bingo machines) allowed in the casino. I was talking to an employee about the difference was between Class 2 machines and others and everything I was told went way over my head. Basically, it’s a type of slot machine. But I did learn, video poker machines are not considered class 2 so they aren’t available.

They did tell me that more gaming options and card games are hopefully in the works for the next year depending on an agreement with the state of Kansas.

I’m not much of a slot machine guy as I love card and table games ten times more. But I did give The Karate Kid game a try with a $100 bill.

I walked away losing $99.39.

CrossWinds Casino, like all casinos, does offer free tea, coffee, water and other non-alcoholic beverages. I tried to drink $99.39 worth of iced tea to make some of my money back…

…Which led me to the bathrooms. Their men’s restroom was very clean for how busy it was. It is worth noting there was only one bathroom in the casino and it had three urinals and three stalls available. Once the place reaches capacity, this could be a crowded area.

Smoking is allowed in the casino and if you forget to bring yours, a vending machine has them on sale. On my visit, the machine was out of order but I’m not a smoker so it didn’t bother me at all.

A fully stocked bar was also set up towards the back of the casino. I was told they were still working on the bar and getting more televisions placed up. The bar was still closed on my visit. Someone told me, they would open at 11 a.m.

If you get hungry, they do have an area called Bottles & Bites. It’s a basic no frills kitchen area that serves some simple pub fare and breakfast favorites.

Bottles & Bites serves breakfast from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and then lunch & dinner from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Don’t fret, there are tables to sit at if you choose to dine there. The tables are located right in front of Bottles & Bites.

We ordered nearly their entire breakfast menu. I don’t think anybody is expecting 5-star cuisine here. For what we did have, we were satisfied. The breakfast sandwich was a better than average meal and the sausage gravy was the best part of my meal; probably an underrated menu item there.

I ate sooooo much food which led me to a revisited review of the bathrooms. Once again, still tidy.

As of Wednesday, March 3, CrossWinds Casino is open 24/7 and maintains a 375-person capacity until limits are changed. If you’re big into slots, this is definitely a spot worth checking out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I still need to continue peeing this $99.39 of iced tea that I was chugging down forever.

Here’s the Bottle & Bites menu:

For more on Crosswinds Casino, check them out on Facebook or their website.

Good Luck,

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9 thoughts on “What to expect at Crosswinds Casino”

  1. Thanks Eddy!
    Your report and review of Cross Winds is straight-forward and factual. The photos complement and illustrate your commentary clearly. You satisfied what tiny curiosity I had about the place more completely than I could in person. Years ago, I wasted several hours of a perfectly good evening, to tour the Greyhound Park, new at the time. Now I can leave it to the taxpayers lining up to dispose of their money. At least that may free up some space in the convenience stores.

  2. Elizabeth Smith

    Add more money bags amd duck machines. Kinda smokey inside. They need to give all your money back when you have a ticket instead of having to go into a separate line to get your change back also the minimum amount on the games that you can play is kind of pricey but overall it is a nice place

  3. Carolyn Burnett

    You forgot the part about there be absolutely no ticket machines working nor ATM and you have to wait in line, just as long as you did to get in this place because they have one cashier for 375 people, to redeem ticket or pay an absolutely ridiculous price to get your money off only the cards they choose to accept at the window. The gaming is fun but the customer service is nonexistent!

  4. Robert R Strickler

    Totally agree. Thanks for the review and saving me a trip out there. I don’t play slots, to low of percentage payout. It’s to bad Ruffin couldn’t get it going at the dog track. He was going to put a world class county bar out there.

  5. The main difference between Class 2 (Bingo base) and Class 3 (Standard Las Vegas) is 3 is purely random. You can hit the same combination numerous times. (I have seen it many in my 24+ years working in the trade). Class 2 is not, there is just so many winners in the stack (at least 1 million size wise){The ones in Omaha states 16+ million} and if that combination has been hit somewhere else ((Server Based)) you will not see it again untill that whole stack is used.

  6. Need more nickel and dime Even though a few 25 cent 9 liners and I would be a happy camper and some table game’s
    I do hear that this is just the first phase so hopes are high for it to grow into a better place

  7. I had a great time at Cross winds casino. Went with a 100 and came out with 600.00. Women’sbathroom very clean.

  8. I have gone to crosswinds casino slot and have always had a great time… Even when losing.. lol.. The staff has always been kind and I have never had an issue …but tonight I was totally shocked by the handling of a situation… I was treated unfairly and was really hurt by the way I was treated and the way they handled a situation… There security guard Vern and Matt were very rude and unkind.

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