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I saw a promo floating around online for a 3-day meal plan package for $50 at Perfect Plate. If you’ve never heard of them, they offer fresh food, coffee and drinks. A big part of their focus is providing nutritious meals that are ready for pick-up. Perfect Plate meals are gluten-free, high protein, and nutritionally balanced which are ideal for weight loss and feeling good overall, both of which I haven’t experienced in decades.

5255 N. Maize Rd., Suite 104
Maize, KS 67101

Monday – Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Closed on Sunday

220 W Douglas Ave STE 62
Wichita, KS 67202

Monday – Friday: 11am – 3pm
Closed on Saturday & Sunday

Website | Facebook

Cash/Card Accepted

The promo at Perfect Plate was for first-time meal plan customers. The 3-day plan included 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, and 6 snacks for just $50. There was an option for additional protein for $10. We decided to take them up on the offer of the promo.

I contacted Perfect Plate and asked for the promo. Both Megan and I decided to go with a 3-day plan each. The initial process starts with a short phone call where they go over food allergies along with likes and dislikes on food. Roughly a day later, we received a text message that gave us a bunch of options to choose from.

The meal options we were given included an eat by date. We responded back with choices and the meals were ready for pickup the following day. They have locations out in Maize, Downtown (Garvey Center) and even some meals for pickup at The Coop. I picked our meals up downtown. All of our meals came in two big bags.

When I arrived home, we immediately unloaded our bags. Here’s what one of the 3-day meal plans looked like.

My meals included, turkey meatloaf, Cajun tilapia, orange sesame chicken, beef stroganoff, Italian crusted pork loin, and chicken burrito bowls. I also had some protein pancakes, hard-boiled eggs and a variety of different snacks. For $60 (I bumped it up $10 for the extra protein), it was quite a bit of food. As someone who eats out a lot, the value alone was fantastic. And for someone who doesn’t cook at home often, the convenience was fantastic.

All the meals included easy to heat instructions that typically involved using the microwave for a couple of minutes. Some of my favorite dishes included the turkey meatloaf, orange sesame chicken and the Italian crusted pork loin.

The meals were so convenient and surprisingly filling. I’ve dealt with some pre-packaged meals before and found them to be short of appeasing my appetite. These meals filled me up but in a not-so-bloated type of away. I didn’t feel tired, stuffed I couldn’t move around, or bloated. They were the right portion sizes to get me going through the day.

While meal plans aren’t something I often do simply because I’m always out and about checking out restaurants, this was a nice break away from that especially when the weather was cold. If you’re always on the go or looking to free up some time, perhaps taking advantage of the Perfect Plate’s current promo is up your alley.

To learn more, check them out on Facebook.

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