First Look at Cousin Hector’s Food Truck

From the people who brought you Funky Monkey Munchies comes the city’s newest food truck, Cousin Hector’s. While their original truck offered a mix of Asian/Latin/American fusion foods, Cousin Hector’s will be dishing out Mexican-American fusion food. Let’s check it out.

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Like Funky Monkey Munchies, the menu varies from day to day. During our visit, they had taquitos, Chicano fries, quesadilla burgers, pork belly tortas and more available. It was just me and my daughter grabbing some dinner. I asked what they recommended and they said pork belly tortas so I went with that because you can never go wrong with pork belly. Then my daughter went with her usual order of fries.

Everything smelled delicious.

The pork belly torta was a Delano Bakery grilled ciabatta, cilantro, chimichurri, marinated and grilled pork belly, cucumber, pickled red onion and queso fresco. Seriously…. if looks could kill. The torta has a beautiful appearance. I just wanted to snap pictures of it all day. The fries were perfection, at least they were for my daughter. It had just the right amount of crisp to it that my daughter highly enjoys. She literally savored every moment taking an hour to eat her fries. Seriously…. an hour just for fries.

Back to the pork belly torta, it was a well-designed sandwich with a wonderful flavor profile. There was the rich hearty flavor of the pork belly mixed in with the zesty chimichurri. The cucumber slices were an excellent addition to give it a sweet refreshing aftertaste. The pork belly itself was tender and so flavorful. I can’t say enough kind words about it without annoying every reader.

The food was so good, I wanted to share my love of it with others. I decided to buy another person their meal to pay it forward and spread the love of food.

Most food truck-goers already know how awesome Funky Monkey Munchies is. Cousin Hector’s is just an extension of it. I’m really excited to see what else they have in store this summer.

Here’s the menu they had available that day:

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