It’s been a deal close to twenty years in the making. Nearly two decades after being started in Wichita, Freddy’s Frozen Custard has been sold to St. Louis private-equity firm Thompson Street Capital Partners in an undisclosed deal.

The company’s remaining co-founders Randy Simon and Scott Redler off one of the fastest growing fast food chains in the nation.

While the headquarters for Freddy’s will remain in Wichita, it’ll be interesting to see if any changes to the service and quality change over the years. This sale marks another Wichita-founded restaurant chain following the likes of Pizza Hut and White Castle.

Congrats to the family on cashing out on years of hard work. I’m sad to see a non-Wichita company take over but business is business.

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  1. They could barely wait before Freddy’s body was cold before they sold it off. Too bad. Can’t wait for them to start cutting corners to increase profits before they run it into the ground.


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