Mama Nith’s Crawfish to hold pop-up this weekend

Mama Nith’s Crawfish

Mama Nith’s Crawfish closed their downtown location during the height of the pandemic. During this time, they’ve been planning for the future and looking at possible new locations for their restaurant which used to be downtown at 604 S. Topeka.

Until that happens, Mama Nith’s Crawfish is going back to their roots. They started out doing pop-up stands at such places as Emerson Biggins downtown and at the Laos Temple.

This Saturday, March 13 from 3 – 7pm they will be hosting another pop-up for pick-up only near Kellogg and Greenwich. To place your orders, you can message Mama Nith’s on Facebook.

Prices for the pop-up are as follows:
Crawfish: $12.00 lb
Head on shrimp: $12.00 lb
Clams: $11.00 lb
Mussels: $10.00 lb
Corn: $1
Potatoes: $1
Sausages: $1

For more, check out Mama Nith’s on Facebook.

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