One pizza food truck has moved out of Wichita for good

Pizza Kwik opened their food truck in 2020. What was once one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Jefferson City, MO was revived in food truck form.

For months, the truck would travel back and forth between Wichita, KS and Jefferson City, MO.

Recently, co-owner Dana Huber-Plummer’s husband took a job as the president of the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce. Some of you may be familiar with him, the former president of the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce, Gary Plummer.

With the new job and move back to Jefferson City, Pizza Kwik has decided to stay there permanently and will no longer be traveling back to Wichita. I spoke to Huber-Plummer and she said they are excited to get back home and will miss Wichita.

Its sad news for our food truck scene as they had some wonderful pizza.

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