Pho H&M to open in early April at a pho-familiar location

One of Wichita’s longest running Vietnamese restaurants has been rebranded. After new owners took over Pho Hien in 2020, they’ve been making many changes and the biggest one will debut on April 3.

The restaurant located at 1750 N Broadway has been closed for the early part of 2021. The interior has been renovated and the exterior features a new name. On April 3, Pho Hien will be known as Pho H&M Restaurant which are the initials of the owners Huy and Minh Huynh. Part of the reason for the name change was because the original name was hard to pronounce and remember.

The new Pho H&M Restaurant will have an expanded menu featuring 200 items and will include many seafood dishes, lo mein, and more. The inside will also have a brand new modernized look. A new chef from California was also hired to help with the revamped menu.

Their new sign is now displayed up front.

Stay tuned for a first look.

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