Playa Azul Mexican Restaurant Reviewed

When I was downtown quite a bit for work, Playa Azul Mexican Restaurant was in our rotation of restaurants simply out of convenience. It was a centralized meeting spot for many of us so I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve eaten there. It was time for a full-blown review after my latest visit there with friends for dinner.

111 N Washington St.
Wichita, KS 67202

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Sunday: 11am – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

We started our meals with complimentary salsa which was your typical tomato-ey salsa with lots of onion. While pretty standard, it was very addictive. Everyone probably went through a couple bottles each.

The guacamole was a big disappointment. It was very mushy and lacked the acidic burst.

For dinner, everybody ordered something different. We tried to get a good mix of the menu. There were tacos, fajitas, tamales, soup, and more. The table was full of so much food that I wasn’t able to get all the pictures but here’s a good sampling of what we had.

I had the Caldo de Pollo which was a 30 oz. soup with chicken chunks, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, avocado and rice. Simply put, it was probably the most bland soup I’ve had from a Mexican restaurant. There wasn’t much flavor to it. To make matters worse, the chicken chunks were scarce.

The opinions of other dishes were mixed. With a menu of what looked like a thousand dishes, not everyone is going to be liked by all. But the general consensus was it was your typical Tex-Mex; nothing blew anybody away.

On the bright side, the service was really good. They did a great job of getting our margaritas out, drinks refilled and food out.

Here’s their menu:

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