What’s up with Sorrel’s Jamaican Food?

At the end of 2020, Sorrel’s Jamaican Food temporarily closed their location near Intrust Bank Arena. With the craziness that was last year, there was so much uncertainty in the industry. They had planned to reopen their restaurant in 2021.

I’ve since heard many rumors that the restaurant appeared to be closed for good. So I reached out to owner Christine Rhoden to confirm whether any of it was true.

She let me know that they will not return to their downtown location and are looking to open a food truck. The plan is to hopefully have something set in stone by the end of March. Once she does know, she’ll be sure to pass the info on. I can’t wait as I need some Jamaican food in my life.

Until then you can follow Sorrel’s Jamaican Food on Facebook.

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1 thought on “What’s up with Sorrel’s Jamaican Food?”

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. Their location was horrible due to Covid-19 shutdowns killing any traffic in that area. However, judging from my own experience and from online reviews it’s like they never got the hang of running an actual brick and mortar restaurant. Service ranged from meh to horrendous. Food quality ends up being a small part of the overall experience. Sure you can make a good coco bread, burger, taco, chicken wing, etc. but can you run a restaurant in a way that makes people want to come back? That’s the question a lot of these wanna be restaurant owners need at ask themselves. How many places have been reviewed on here that are now history that had great food but terrible service?

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