While passing through Harper, KS, I saw a little stand that many people told me I had to stop by. Most people including some locals in town I spoke to called it Petro’s and then online it was called D&J Drive-In. Whatever you call it, I made sure to swing by and get myself a beverage for the road.

609 E 14th St. Harper, KS 67058

Cash Only

I made sure to get myself a cherry limeade. No lie and I’m not trying to blow any smoke up your you know what, but Petro’s/D&J Drive In had the best cherry limeade I’ve ever had. It absolutely crushed Sonic and any other place I’ve gone to.

It was so refreshing and didn’t have a syrupy texture or aftertaste. Sometimes you get one that has an overpowering lime or cherry flavor. This was the perfect balance that wasn’t too sweet or watered down. What else can I say to review a cherry limeade? It simply kicked ass.

My biggest regret was not ordering the bigger size or bringing a couple empty two liters to have them fill up for me. Or better yet, some old growlers I have at home. My second regret was not getting one with marshmallows as some people suggested; the recommendation totally slipped my mind.

Everybody was right. If you’re passing through Harper, this is one stop you must make. If they had their hours posted anywhere, I’d share them. So just cross your fingers they are open when you go.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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  1. Love Petro’s cherry limeades with marshmellow, they are bomb! Nu burgers are bomb too.,,, And Kriste’s cafe in Anthony, love thier calzones , huge!

  2. I worked there in 1969-1972 as a teenager. It was originally called, Bob’s Drive In. Owner Bob Dominick. We were always busy and even when we closed at 10 pm we had to tell people if they were in line that we would serve them but that we had to stop with whoever was in line! GREAT FOOD and drinks!!! It was my first full-time job year round!

  3. I lived there part of my childhood. And it was called d and js makes me extremely happy someone finally giving this place done recognition bc my whole life I’ve been telling people that there is a place in Kansas that makes the best fucking cherry limeade you’ll ever have in your life! Thank you for making this!.


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