Cajun in a Can: Our Review of Campbell’s Chunky Jazzy Jambalaya

After checking out the new Blue Hook Cajun Seafood & Bar, I learned not everybody is open to different styles of Cajun food or Asian-fusion. Some people prefer a certain type of Cajun food. I get it, some people just like what they like and aren’t open to different kinds of food. My toddler is that way. When I tell her we are having American food and present her with broccoli, she gasps.

To appease all foodies in our city, I wanted to review a different style of Cajun….. Cajun in a Can! Campbell’s Chunky Jazzy Jambalaya is my go-to flavor when it comes to quick two dollar meals found at the nearest grocery store.

The can is jam-packed of goodness! I’m talking chicken meat with no antibiotics, no MSG added, and no artificial flavors. Each can comes in a whopping 18.6 ounces….. that’s more than a pound! Are you freaking kidding me! 527 grams of food ready in minutes for just a couple of bucks? That right there is the American dream.

Set up is so easy. Dump the contents of the can in a bowl and heat for 2 and a half minutes.

Once complete, take the bowl out of the microwave and gawk at the beautiful coloring. Look at how rich that broth transformed into after the sizzling heat of the microwave. It darkened a couple of shades to offer a flavor only Jesus could recreate.

There’s a slight bit of heat in each bite that keeps you coming back for more. My recommendation is to use a Knork soup spoon when you devour the dish. The spoon is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and fit the proper amount of chicken, sausage and ham in each spoonful.

This is what 16 grams of protein per can looks like close up. Take it in readers. It’s Cajun in a can. The purest way that true Cajun fans prefer their food. It’s truly soup that eats like a meal.

If Viet-Cajun or Asian/Cajun fusion isn’t your thing, this is the best alternative to appease your taste buds. It wows. It punches. It kicks. It’s delicious.

It’s Campbell’s Chunky Jazzy Jambalaya… found at all participating grocery stores near you.

Happy Dining,

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