East side Barn’rds building to be replaced by Club Car Wash

In Wichita, history tends to repeat itself. Closed retails stores become temporary Halloween outlets. A new Mexican restaurant will pop up every four days. Wichita River Fest can improve year after year and some people will complain about the price of the button. And lately, restaurant spaces are being taken over by car washes.

The east side Barn’rds location that closed in September 2020 will have new life when Club Car Wash takes over. For many, it will be sad to see the classic Barn’rds building being torn down. It’s not the only eatery to be affected. As you may have heard in the news, another Club Car Wash is in the works to take over the space where Tacos Raymundo and Penny’s Caravan is at. What restaurant space could be next on the Club Car Wash wishlist? Could it be College Hill right next to an Andy’s Frozen Custard? Who knows what the future holds for the influx of car washes in town.

By the end of the year, there will be a total of seven new Club Car Wash locations in Wichita, Derby and Maize.

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