First Look at Quita B’s Soul Food

A brand new restaurant quietly opened in the past month at the corner of 17th & Poplar immediately north of Wilson’s Chicken N Fixens. It’s called Quita B’s Soul Food and as their name suggest, they serve all things soul food.

1760 N Poplar St., Wichita, KS 67214

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm
Closed on Monday

Cash or CashApp Accepted

I stopped by Quita B’s strictly for their oxtail and neckbones. It’s not often found at Wichita restaurants. I swear it feels like any restaurant that serves it regularly has either closed down or reverted to a home-based operation.

Their oxtail and neckbones dinners were $15 each and came with two sides. I asked for cabbage, greens, mac and cheese and cabbage. My order was placed over the phone and the lady who I was talking to quoted me on a time. When I arrived, it was ready to go. As someone who eats out a lot, I can definitely appreciate a restaurant who’s very accurate on quoting times to arrive for carryout.

I hopped in the car, made my way home, took everything out of the bag and looked in awe at all of this:

I’m not exactly sure why oxtail and neckbones aren’t more popular at restaurants. Perhaps its knobby appearance is a turn off to people. For many people, they may have never had it and scared to try something new.  It’s not a meal that will win a lot of beauty pageants, but the beauty lies in the first bite. Quita B’s meals were both tasty and had a deeply rich beefy flavor to them after simmering it some broth for a while. The oxtail was very tender and both meats were fall off the bone and delicious.

They also excelled in some outstanding sides. Megan was a big fan of the mac and cheese. She said there was something different and unique about it that she loved but couldn’t quite put her finger on it. That didn’t prevent her from taking bite after bite. Of the remaining three sides, I was drawn more to the cabbage and greens. They surprised me because they had a slight bit of heat that caught me off guard but was greatly appreciated.

Overall, it was a great first visit to the new restaurant.

And some final commentary. People often talk about how there aren’t enough “soul food restaurants” that serve things other than catfish, wings, burgers, and other usual staples. I’m often left wondering why the restaurants that expand their menu to include even something simple as oxtail and neckbones close. Is it because there just isn’t an audience for it in town? Do restaurants that serve it have their inventory go to waste? If you are upset by the limited amount of true soul food restaurants in town, support the ones that offer dishes you love as much as you can. Be a champion and cheerleader for them, spread the word to help them stay open. Prove to the owners there’s a market for this food. And stop worrying about where these restaurants are at. I have gone to every single restaurant in every part of town at all hours of the day. Guess what? No issues.

Here’s the menu:

Dinners are all $12 except for the oxtail and neckbones meals which cost $15.

Happy Dining,

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5 thoughts on “First Look at Quita B’s Soul Food”

  1. Oh my goodness !! I’m so glad you stopped by there !! The owner is a rock star ! Has a heart as good as gold !! She rocks it in that kitchen too!! Way to go “aunt Marty” the only thing I would add is she still serves those dollar cheese burgers made from real beef thick and delicious !! And the fried okra ? Yum to the yum yum !

  2. Kevin L COUILLARD

    I love pork neck bones and cabbage. I am also a fan of oxtail soup or stew with a lot of root vegetables.
    My wife and her siblings do not care for any meat with fat, connective tissue, gristle, bones, and big blood vessels visible.
    They, like many spoiled Americans want their food mostly low fat and boneless.
    I think this is the reason you don’t see these items on the menus.

  3. Swear im going i have to try these ox tail an i hope the neck bones are smoked if not im cool with that as well..I pray its as good as you made it sound cause i read it all.. Congratulations Quita B an thank you for your service’s ill be in soon..

  4. I don’t do this often but this is one of those rare times where I’m going to comment I truly appreciate the fact that you realize that just because it sits on the northeast side of town doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be looked at I truly want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and I’m glad you enjoyed the meal

  5. Friday night dinner x 2. Neck bones and oxtail. Great food and ready fast. On our rotation for dinner of local places.

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