The first of the Regal Warren Theatres to open this Friday

Regal Cinemas started to reopen their theaters nationwide earlier this month, but Wichita did not make the cut on the first rollout.

But the time has arrived, the first of the Warren Theaters to open will be the Regal Warren West Screen X & IMAX on Friday, April 23.

Up next will be on May 7 when Regal Warren East reopens followed by the Regal Warren Old Town on May 21.

Once the theaters open, attendance will be limited to 25% to 50% depending on the theater.

The Regal Warren West has tickets available for purchase now. Mortal Kombat, which will also be released on HBO Max, is the only movie they’ll be airing. It will be on their West Screen X. Starting Monday, April 26, their IMAX screen opens and will have showings of Mortal Kombat available.

If you’re itching to see a movie now, other theaters in town are currently open: AMC Northrock 14, Starlite Drive-In and the Derby Plaza Theaters.

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