Guilty Pleasure Chronicles: Taco Tico

Of all the fast food taco places I’ve eaten at, the one that I’ve frequented the most throughout high school and college was Taco Tico. I can remember visiting the locations by Wichita State, Rock and Central and even College Hill. So many memories of spending my lunch hour at various ones. Over the years, they’ve started to have a bigger footprint in town.

3530 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67226

Open 7 Days a Week: 10:30am – 10pm

Cash/Card Accepted

For this review, we checked out the north Rock Road location that replaced the Taco Bueno.

I placed an order for a 10-pack of corn tacos, a couple of enchiladas, and their wonton tacos.

I made sure to get plenty of green chili sauce and their reaper sauce for extra heat. Both were incredibly flavorful and my favorite of all the sauce options at the fast food taco options around town. One of the best parts about their sauce is its thicker quality and just the right amount of heat.

So, how about those tacos?

It’s probably one of my biggest guilty pleasures in terms of food. Taco Tico isn’t loved by all, but it’s loved by me which ultimately is all I can ask for. I’ll be honest, it’s the greasiest meat of all the fast food tacos, but there’s something about the meat that gets me. It speaks to my heart (as well as my gut an hour later). I do wish they put more meat in their tacos. If they did that, then it’d speak to my heart (as well as my gut 30 minutes later).

Their chicken wonton tacos came out in 2019 but certainly deserve some love. The wonton shells offer a nice crunch and tastes pretty good too. Their enchiladas are pretty standard, but their enchilada sauce is what sells me on it every time.

Simply put, I love me some Taco Tico. Judge me all you want.

Here’s a copy of an old menu:

Taco Tico

Taco Tico

Happy Dining,

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3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Chronicles: Taco Tico”

  1. I lived away from Wichita for twenty years and on every visit I would hit Taco Tico. You are right their meat has a flavor like no other anywhere, it just said,
    you are Home.

  2. I am coming to KS this weekend and have a “date” planned with a old high school buddy to eat at Taco Tico. In the early 80’s I remember 5 taco’s for a dollar and that slowly went to 4 then 3, etc. Either way, it was a lot of food, cheap. We would each load up with 10 tacos for $2. And I agree their enchilada sauce is just so good!

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