Let’s Review Schlotzsky’s!

Let’s review Schlotzsky’s!

Schlotzsky’s is an American restaurant franchise specializing in sandwiches. Founded in Austin, Texas in 1971, the company is now headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Since the 70s, the chain has grown to over 350 locations worldwide with five here in the Wichita area.

For this review, we stopped the West Pawnee location that sits across the street from Westway Marketplace.

On our visit, we ordered:

  • A small original (ham | salami | 3 cheeses | olives | lettuce | onion | tomato | mustard | signature sauce | sourdough bun)
  • Deluxe original (Like The Original, but with more than double the meat. ham | salami | 3 cheeses | olives | lettuce | onion | tomato | mustard | signature sauce | jalapeno cheese bread)
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza (chicken | 2 cheeses | BBQ sauce | onion | pickled jalapeños)
  • California Chicken Pizza (chicken | bacon | 2 cheeses | avocado | roasted red peppers | chipotle mayo)

On Wednesdays, Schlotzsky’s has a special of two pizzas for the price of one. It made the most sense for us to stop by that day to take advantage of the affordable deal.

As far as national sandwich shops, Schlotzsky’s isn’t all that bad. Some people may find it kind of pricey. I spent $10.29 for my sandwich with no side but they really pack on the meat. It’s double the ham and salami and is all but guaranteed to fill you up. The small Original was $7.59 and was more than enough for smaller appetites. It’s a decent sandwich that that is very heavy on the olives and onions, so those flavors really stand out. I particularly liked the signature sauce on the Deluxe Original and wish there was more of it. It added a nice bit of zest to the sandwich. Lastly, I was also quite the fan of the jalapeño cheese bread.

Deluxe Original
The Original

The pizzas from Schlotzsky’s were a little underwhelming. The crust had a cardboard texture that didn’t offer much to enhance the pizza. There was a decent amount of toppings per slice but all in all, everything fell flat; even the sauce was a little bland. Even at 2-for-1 pizzas we didn’t finish them.

Schlotzsky’s is a decent place. That’s probably the adjective I’d use to best describe the place. Sometimes we go out of convenience but it’s not ever somewhere we crave.

What do you think?

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Review Schlotzsky’s!”

  1. I used to love Schlotzsky’s. Recently they have really gone downhill. When I contact their corporate offices because they didn’t give me more than half of my order. They said they would give me a free sandwich but never actually came through. I tried them again a few weeks ago and was in the drive thru line for over 40 minutes and my order was completely wrong. Very sad to see. Hope they can find some good employees!

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