My time visiting Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago

With it being National Deep Dish Pizza Day, I would typically talk about a place in town where you could get deep dish pizza. Instead, I wanted to share a story about the best one I’ve had which took place in Chicago at Pequod’s Pizza.

Having been to Chicago many times, I’ve stopped by many of the popular pizza spots. In all those stops, Pequod’s Pizza stood out as the best for me.

Truth be told though, I’m not a huge deep dish fan but my visit there with four other friends and the same rang true for all of them on their love for Pequod’s.

The restaurant is located at 2207 N Clybourn Ave in Lincoln Park. Upon arriving, the building just appeared out of nowhere. Most people unaware with them might mistake it for a hole in the wall. Pequod’s isn’t a flashy restaurant. It’s quaint and tight inside on seating.

We went pre-COVID and the lines and wait times were long. It was over an hour wait, but we had no problem with that. Once seated, we were given a heads up that it would be another hour or so for food.

With that, we started with some BBQ wings and drinks to hold us off until our food was ready. The wings were thick and very meaty. Each wing was like eating three wings from a national chain.

For our pizza, we went with the 14” pan pizza loaded with nearly every topping they had available. It was the perfect size for the five of us.

Once it was brought to our table, everybody’s eyes popped.

Visually, it looked like a picture perfect deep dish pizza.

But after taking some time to take pictures and drool, we dove right in. The pizza was piping hot, but there’s no such thing as patience when five men are circled around food. We tried to our best to give out each slice, but it was a mess with cheese stretching everywhere.

As I said earlier, I’m not a huge deep dish pizza fan but there was so much going on. Each bite was like riding an elevator up a house of flavors. Floor 1 was the soft and chewy with a noticeable deeply charred caramelized crust that didn’t have a hint of that burnt taste some other places have. The crust may have been the best part. Floor 2 took us to the land of cheese. The inner portion of the pizza was layered with a generous amount of cheese that felt like it was five stories high. Then the elevator of flavor took us to the top level of heaping amount of toppings. We had to use a fork to scrape whatever toppings fell back into the pan.

It was one of those meals where everybody oohed and awed at every bite. After eating 1-2 slices each, we were down for the count.

Perhaps one day, I’ll make it back to Pequod’s Pizza or have some shipped here to Wichita, KS but until then, I’m always going to tell everyone how it’s my favorite deep dish pizza.

For more on Pequod’s, visit their website.

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  1. I couldn’t find where you have ever reviewed Green Mill Restaurant. I’m interested to hear what you think of their deep dish pizza. Six of us guys went to check it out a few years ago, but none of us had experience with deep dish like what’s in Chicago. So I’d like to hear your thoughts, Eddy.

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