Visiting Station 8 BBQ which has taken over Jet Bar-B-Q

The former Jet Bar-B-Q restaurant at 1100 E 3rd St. N. is getting some new life. Introducing Station 8 BBQ which will be operated by a new owner who has taken over the space.

By the summer, Station 8 BBQ plans to do BBQ pop-ups over the weekend. To kick things off, they did a fundraising event over the weekend selling BBQ sandwiches that came with chips and a drink for $5.

I miss the vibe of Jet Bar-B-Q restaurant and wanted to stop by for a bit of nostalgia.

The team was in front of the old fire house cranking out sandwiches. The smell was wonderful. I wish some company would bottle up the smell of BBQ and market it as a cologne. I’d consider wearing it.

When I stopped by, they had people approaching customers to ask them if they wanted a pork or a turkey BBQ sandwich. I asked to purchase both and they were quick to get my order.

Both sandwiches were fantastic. The meats were super tender, smoky, and had an amazing aroma to them. I really didn’t need any sauce on either of them. The food was delicious and I devoured both sandwiches in what felt like record time. I’m not a big smoked turkey fan but theirs was incredible.

I love eating for a cause and trying new places. This first visit to Station 8 BBQ allowed me to do both. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them this summer and will return once they open regularly.

Happy Dining,

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