A Visual Guide to Tianguis Carniceria

Tianguis Carniceria

I recently covered one of the Asian markets in town and thought, why not cover one of the Mexican markets in Wichita? The first one I wanted to blog about was Tianguis Carniceria. It’s one of my favorites in town.

Why? For starters, cleanliness is a big reason. There are many markets in town and sometimes you’ll walk into one and the place could use a good deep cleaning or even mopping to begin with. Tianguis Carniceria is clean and well-kept. The store isn’t cluttered. The shelves are organized and everything is always wiped down.

Located at 3020 W. 13th Street, the biggest draw for me is their butcher shop. After all, it is called a carniceria!

They have a wide selection of different meats to choose from along with cheeses. Like I mentioned earlier, the butcher shop area is spotless. I’m never afraid to purchase anything to grill there without worrying about quality. For added incentive, they have very competitive prices.

They also have a full section of groceries like any other market and for some reason, I forgot to snap pictures of other areas. I was so focused on buying meat…..

…. and tortillas. If you’re looking for tortillas or chips, they carry many options from local producers in town. No need to settle for the name-brand options that aren’t fresh.

And come my daughter’s birthday, I’m totally getting a pinata.

If you’re looking for a Mexican Market, Tianguis Carniceria is definitely one of my suggestions.

You can find them at 3020 W. 13th Street. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

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