What’s the latest on Albero Bistro opening in northeast Wichita?

A reader recently chimed in asking for an update on Albero Bistro. I’d wager to say those who live in northeast Wichita would say it’s one of the most anticipated restaurants for 2021.

I reached out to owner Hassan Ballout and he told me it’s getting close. They are working on some final pieces of furniture and equipment. No particular time frame was given besides that it was soon and would open before the end of summer.

Once it does open, Albero Bistro will be a followup to Ballout’s Albero Cafe (reviewed here) that is located at 4811 E. Central. The new restaurant will be located at Greenwich Place in the same strip that holds Freezing Moo at 2864 N Greenwich Rd #200.

The restaurant will feature many of the dishes found at Albero Cafe along with some new creations that could be unique to Albero Bistro. The new space will seat roughly 80 people and will include a bar and patio.

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