Wichita Wolves named the official esports team of Wichita

Sometimes I wonder if my life would have gone a different path if esports was a thing. Could I have become the best Super Smash Brothers player on the Nintendo 64 in the country? I’ll never know.

But for future generations, questions like that can become a reality with The Wichita Wolves. They are the official esports team of Wichita as proclaimed by Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple on Tuesday morning.

If you’ve never heard of esports, it’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The competitive video gaming scene has blown up to a billion-dollar machine all over the world. There are professional leagues for Rocket League, League of Legends, Fortnite, you name it. We’ve dabbled around with esports here at home with one of the kids joining a Fortnite league through the Unified Esports Association.

Started in 2019 by former competitive esports player Dylan Reese, the Wichita Wolves operates around the clock online with players, coaches, managers, directors, and executive leaders. The Wichita Wolves provides a stable environment for players to build on their competitive skills, address their mental and physical well-being, and goal planning and achievement.

The Wichita Wolves has rosters as seen here for individual games like FIFA, Fortnite, Rainbow Six White, NBA 2K, Smash Melee, and more.

It’s a cool thing for Wichita that provides more for the city in a different niche. Only if this happened twenty years ago for me….

For more on the Wichita Wolves, visit their webpage or visit their Facebook page.

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