Andy’s Frozen Custard in College Hill has an opening date

What could be the most polarizing and hotly debated dessert shop has an opening date. Andy’s Frozen Custard will open their third location in College Hill at 3425 E. Douglas Ave on Monday, June 14 at 11 a.m.

The store’s location was a big point of debate for the residents of College Hill. Once it was announced, an online petition was started to prevent Andy’s from joining the neighborhood.

The online petition stated:
A national chain, regardless of its building architecture, brings an attitude of big city bustling life and inspires visions of neon lights and crowded drive thru lines. Precisely what the overwhelming majority of College Hill residents do not want. Andy’s is attempting to prey on the customers of small, local unique businesses built on the backs of College Hill residents and purists. If we begin to lose those types of business we begin to lose a critical component of such a unique neighborhood.

Despite the efforts, it looks as though Andy’s Frozen Custard’s College Hill location is a go. This version will have a different look from the west and east side location. To try to keep the feel of the neighborhood, there will be no big bright digital sign like the other establishments.

It’ll be interesting to see how accepted Andy’s is by the neighborhood and the surrounding area with other dessert shops nearby. Stay tuned for more.

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