Another fine dinner filled with sushi and sushi burritos at Bento Cafe

Every now and then, I need to make a stop by one of the underrated and underappreciated restaurants in town, Bento Cafe. It’s rare that they are given much praise online so I wanted to do my part and give them the love they deserve.

550 N Ridge Road, Wichita, KS 67212

Monday – Wednesday: 4:30pm – 8pm
Thursday: 11am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 4:30pm – 8pm
Closed on Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

Bento Cafe is a Mexican Grill & Sushi restaurant located near Central & Ridge Road. They’ve been in Wichita for seven.

When they first opened in a former Poblano space, the owners decided to keep Mexican food on the menu but since COVID started they have since only stuck with sushi. They hope to bring back Mexican food back in the future though.

Anytime I’m at Bento Cafe, I try to order one of their signature sushi burritos along with some sushi.

For my most recent visit, I went with their spicy sushi burrito and their Bento Platter D which consisted of a rainbow roll, a tuna hand roll and nigiri.

As usual, my food came out quick and tasted so fresh.

The sushi burritos was one of the best deals in town if you’re looking to stuff yourself. At $8.99, it was stuffed to the max. They were very generous with the salmon. Other burritos around town I’ve seen are packed with so much rice as filler; that wasn’t the case at Bento Cafe. Big chunks of salmon filled the interior and later my belly.

My Bento Platter was $15.99 and had more than enough food to fill one person. The rainbow roll was a mix of salmon, tuna and crab. While they offer more specialized and unique creations, this was a no frills roll that simply satisfied my cravings.

To add to that, the people that work there are just good people. I don’t know them personally but every single time I’ve gone in, they are so nice to every customer and truly appreciate everyone. I hate that they are never busy when I go in and I hope that changes. They are one of the best quick service restaurants in town when it comes to sushi. Give them some support and get yourself some goodies.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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