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Barrel Boys BBQ Revisited

I was on the hunt to get some lunch and decided to revisit one of the food trucks I thoroughly enjoyed on my first stop there: Barrel Boys BBQ. They are a local BBQ truck who originally started as a competition cooking team. From there, they grew into a food truck and catering business.

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When I arrived, I had no idea what to order. So, I went with my usual, “Surprise me.” They asked how much I was wanting to spend and mentioned they had a family special.

I thought about it for a second. My original goal was to order food just for me. I then wondered if a family meal would be enough for one person. My brain started crunching the numbers and figured that it would indeed fill me up. I nodded my head and eagerly waited to see how much food I would be bringing home.

Some burnt ends, ribs, pulled pork, brisket beans, cheesy corn and pickled slaw ended up joining me on the car ride home. I arrived home knowing nobody was hungry and the look that said, “What did you bring home this time?”. I placed everything on our “Farmer’s Table” aka the family table where everybody is welcome at.

The burnt ends were phenomenal and incredibly tender. It was like I was taken on a trip to Tender Town which just happens to be their slogan. I asked everybody at home to take a bite and their eyes lit up immediately after the first bite. It was like one of those “Damn, this is really good!” looks.

That was truly the star of the meal for me. The pork was also delicious with a beautiful smoky kick to it and the ribs were devoured immediately after the burnt ends. I’m not sure what kind of sauce was on the ribs but it just took them to another level. I eventually persuaded one of the kids to join me for ribs and he went to town on them as well.

My daughter came running over to see what I was eating on. She’s at the age where she thinks it’s necessary to try whatever I’m eating. I gave her some cheesy corn and that was by far her favorite. I really enjoyed the brisket beans. The pickled slaw was the exact type of slaw I loved. It was light, refreshing and not drenched in buckets of mayonnaise.

Basically, it was just some damn good BBQ.

Here’s the menu:

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