The creamy and dreamy homemade ice cream of Salted Creamery

A business that’s been on my radar for quite some time has been Salted Creamery. They are a local vendor of hand-made ice cream and sorbet based out of Newton, KS.

They’re quite popular in Newton and their cold treats can be found at Prairy Market & Deli at 601 N. Main Street in Newton. Salted Creamery doesn’t own an ice cream shop but sell their ice cream by the pints to various grocery stores in town outside of Wichita.  On top of ice cream, they also specialize in pies and ice cream cakes as well.

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While they are not in Wichita yet, Salted Creamery had a little pop-up event at Tanya’s Soup Kitchen recently. People could place an order online and have it ready for pickup at the Wichita restaurant.

The timing could not have worked out better. One of the kids was celebrating his birthday and we always purchase an ice cream cake for it. While he typically wants Dairy Queen, I wanted to change things up and get a cookies and cream ice cream cake from Salted Creamery for pickup in Wichita.  It was a classic Vanilla ice cream on Oreo cookie crust, layered with homemade fudge and Oreo crumbles….. exactly what he loves.

While I was placing an order, I obviously had to get some pints of ice cream. Their flavors included: Salted Caramel, Berry Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate, Key Lime Pie, Classic Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Rhubarb Crisp and a selection of non-dairy sorbets. We went with berry cheesecake, key lime pie, rhubarb crisp and salted caramel.

The pints of ice cream were $6.49 and the ice cream cake was $26.49.

The kids loved the ice cream cake. It was exactly everything he wanted for a birthday treat.

Meanwhile, the adults went in on the ice cream.

I don’t want to shoot your expectations really high but it was some of the creamiest and dreamiest ice cream I’ve ever had. I love a good vibrant and tart ice cream and the key lime pie was everything I was hoping it’d be. Ice cream is something we always have around the house and I’m not sure if I’ve ever had an ice cream so creamy. The texture was superb; so incredibly soft but not runny at all. The rhubarb crisp and berry cheesecake were also excellent lively flavors. Megan was a big fan of the salted caramel. There was a noticeable freshness to it that you don’t often find in pints of ice cream around here.

I was going to town on the pints and had to stop myself otherwise there would have been none to be had the next day. We only ordered four pints and might have to ration portions so we can enjoy it every day this week.

Once again the pints of ice cream can be purchased online or at Prairy Market & Deli at 601 N. Main Street in Newton. Other area grocery retailers that offer Salted Creamery pints sell them for $7.99.

When people told me about Salted Creamery, they really hyped it up. Well, it lived up to it. I for sure will be placing an order next time they offer a pop-up event in Wichita.

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