Fast Food Breakfast Series: Hardee’s

Continuing on with our Fast Food Breakfast Series, we visited Hardee’s. This whole series started when the kids were doing remote school but with them going back, it has been hard to find time to get everybody together. Fortunately, the schedules aligned and we checked out the popular drive-in restaurant. For this review, we checked out their 13th and Tyler location.

The whole reason for me choosing Hardee’s was because their signs were advertising a Prime Rib Biscuit along with a Prime Rib Burrito. When I arrived and asked for one, they said, “We don’t carry that here.” I told them they have signs everywhere including their big display sign that said, “Prime Rib Burrito now available.” I shrugged my shoulders and continued on with my order:

Our breakfast order at Hardee’s consisted of:

  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • Tots
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Loaded Omelet Biscuit

This was everybody’s first time trying Hardee’s and to everyone, it really wasn’t anything all that special.

The cinnamon roll didn’t have that much icing on it and was very bready. Meanwhile, the gravy for the biscuit was quite bland and was in dire need of something to give it some flavor. The loaded omelet biscuit didn’t quite look like the pictures and wasn’t really all that loaded. The advertisements made the sandwich look really thick but the crumbled sausage, bacon, ham and cheddar cheese wasn’t stacked high at all. It was just a lackluster effort. Probably the best part of our meal were the tots, but how can you mess up tots?

Compared to the other stops we’ve made around town, Hardee’s was probably near the bottom of fast food breakfast places we’ve visited.

If you have a fast food stop you love, drop them in the comments below!

Here’s the menu:

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