First Look at The Critical Cart

Introducing The Critical Cart, they are a new locally owned trailer that sells Yoder hot dogs, brats, grilled cheese and homemade condiments. Their home base is at the Maple & Ridge Lowe’s but with the fluid dynamics of food trucks, it’s always best to check their Facebook page to see where they will be.

Cash/Card Accepted

Monday: 11am – 3pm
Closed on Tuesday
Wednesday – Saturday: 11am – 3pm
Closed on Sunday

The Critical Cart has a very simple menu of four items: Yoder hot dog, Yoder bratwurst, Yoder mango habanero bratwurst and grilled cheese.

I went with their Yoder hot dog and mango habanero bratwurst, then asked for everything on it. They did let me know they were out of their pickled habanero red onions which sounded amazing.

As far as hot dogs and bratwursts go, they were filling, cooked with some char on them and satisfying. I particularly liked their beer mustard and could have used some more sauerkraut as you can never have too much of that. I also wish they threw on some relish when I asked for everything but that wasn’t a dealbreaker.

Other than that, most diners will know what they are getting from The Critical Cart. It’s more of a mobile trailer offering food out of convenience and nothing all that memorable which isn’t meant to be a knock on them as it’s really just Yoder dogs and brats without any special spin besides their homemade condiments.

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Here’s their menu:

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