First Look at Gar Joe’s Crawfish

A new pop-up has started recently around town called Gar Joe’s Crawfish. As you can guess from their name, they sell live and boiled crawfish by the pound. Viet-Cajun crawfish pop-ups have been big over the years in Wichita, but Gar Joe’s Crawfish stuck with the basics. They offer Louisiana Cajun-style crawfish. It’s no frills, no added, just your traditional classic Cajun-style crawfish that’s enjoyed at many boils back in Louisiana.

Cash/Card Accepted

While they’ve had a couple of pop-ups out in Rose Hill, KS, they recently had one in Wichita that I stopped by over the weekend.

At their pop-ups, you can come by on Saturday or place a pre-order and pay ahead of time. Gar Joe’s Crawfish takes live crawfish pre-orders by Thursday at noon. There is a 10lb. minimum for live crawfish. If you’re curious, they do source theirs from Louisiana.  

If you can’t make it to the pop-up, arrangements for pickup/delivery can be made for Friday and Saturday. While they are located in Rose Hill, they do delivery for free (within a reasonable area) and can arrange to meet you.

I stopped by on a whim to pick up a three pound dinner option that was around $25. That price alone was about as competitive as you could get for crawfish cooked for you. Many places around town have been charging $11-14 per pound. Gar Joe Crawfish charged roughly $7 a pound and then a few extra bucks for sausage, corn, potatoes, etc. The price does fluctuate based on the cost of crawfish but their goal is to remain very competitive on pricing.

The first crawfish I bit into was captivating. It’s been a long time since I’ve had traditional Cajun-style crawfish. Everything was delicious and tasty. I loved the kick of heat when sucking in all the juices.

Gar Joe’s Crawfish is a local family business. When talking to the owner, his goal was to start this out as a hobby to offer the town an affordable option for some traditional crawfish that his wife’s family from Louisiana would make back home. I loved it and literally ate all three pounds by myself. I was told they will offer some gumbo and crawfish ettouffee in the near future and that’s definitely on my list to return for, along with more crawfish.

To see where they’ll be next or to place an order, head on over to their Facebook page.

Here’s their menu:

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