Need Bubbles? The Gazillion Bubble Tornado has got you covered

Nothing makes me more happy than when my daughter is happy. Over Easter, my brother had a small bubble machine. It was I believe my daughter’s first time experiencing bubbles. She was standing there in awe taking in the moment.

A month later, I found that bubble maker at Dillons for a few bucks on clearance. It was a contraption that you held and waved it in the air. The bubbles didn’t come out as much as I’d like and sometimes wouldn’t even work. The few times it did work, my little one would have the biggest smile on her face and yell, “BUBBIEEES!!” It was the cutest thing and I set out to find an affordable bubble machine to give her that excitement all summer.

I came across the Gazillion Bubble Tornado at Walmart. It’s available online and in-stores for $9.97.

The Tornado came with one small container of bubble solution. It took four double AA batteries (not included).

When my daughter arrived home, I told her she had a new toy to which she repeated in glee, “TOYSSSS!!!!”. Then I asked if she wanted to go outside and see bubbles. Her reply? “BUBBIESSSSS!!”

I turned on the machine via a button in the back and the mini-bubble wands in the tornado started to spin and spit out bubbles. It was bubbles galore and probably a hundred a minute.

My daughter was in heaven and trying to run through all the bubbles all while yelling her signature, “BUBBIEEEESSS!” For as big of a smile that was on her face, I would have gladly spent $49.95 on it.

I loved how the Gazillion Bubble Tornado was automated so I could sit there in a lawn chair and take in her happiness.

The cons about the Gazillion Bubble Tornado is it drained the battery. I let it run for about 4-5 hours and it died. It also used a lot of bubble solution. A 24 ounce container lasted around an hour but bubble solution was so cheap it didn’t matter.

I’d also avoid the Bubble Fun bubble solution found at the Dollar Tree. I tried that and it was very watered down. There were barely any bubbles coming out. My recommendation is to splurge an extra money and purchase the 64 ounce bottle of Play Day Bubble Blast Solution for $1.88 at Walmart. It was a thicker solution that worked perfectly.

If your toddler loves BUBBIESSSS as much as mine, you can’t go wrong with the Gazillion Bubble Tornado.

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