The no frills, no gimmicks needed deliciousness of The Sweet Witch

In my travels around the Wichita area, I’ve noticed every baker has their own niche. There are things each place has that makes them who they are. After a few trips to Augusta, KS, I finally made it out to The Sweet Witch. They are a locally owned bake shop that specializes in sugar cookies, cupcakes, brownies and more. What makes them unique isn’t something that most people would define as unique. They are a simple no frills, no gimmick bakery. I know I’ve posted about deep dish cookies, big huge cookies and more. They all have their own special place in our taste buds but sometimes you may just want a simple tasty cookie, that’s where The Sweet Witch comes in.

501 State Street Augusta, KS 67010

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Most of The Sweet Witch’s orders are placed a head of time. They handle quite a few custom orders which keeps them booked but they will occasionally host open houses that you can come in and purchase whatever they have out. Those are typically posted on their Facebook page.

I placed my order via email. I literally said, surprise me with anything. Just like any other food, I’m not one to be picky. The Sweet Witch was very responsive and easy to work with over via email. I paid for my treats via Venmo and made my way to Augusta to pick up my order.

My order had an assortment of brownies, cookies, and truffles.

I brought them home to the delight of my family. I suppose one of the big benefits of being in my family is the constant flow of treats and goodies brought home to taste test.

The kids went to town on the truffles which were made with cookie dough batter and a mix of chocolate chips. They loved them especially the ones with chocolate chips.

We then split all the cookies and they were literally like Pringles, once we popped, we couldn’t stop. Megan took her first bite and had that look you only get when you eat something dreamy. She ate the first cookie, then the second cookie and said, “I could eat the (profane word) out of these cookies.” She’s big on simple cookies and much prefers them over any other type.

I have to admit, they were delicious; easily one of the best snickerdoodle cookies I’ve ever had. Every cookie, right down to the sugar cookies which we don’t often order, were tasty. They were soft and mouth-watering.

Seriously the only negative thing we had to say about The Sweet Witch was we wish the place was closer to Wichita. Well worth the drive though!

Augusta, KS is seriously lucky to have them.

Happy Dining,

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