The restaurant, Rice & Roll By Xing Xing, has unveiled its latest creation – The Pho-rrito. It’s exactly what you think it is. The Pho-rrito took essentially everything available in a bowl of pho and stuffs it into a burrito form.

I stopped by to check it out. It was packed with filet mignon, pho noodles, bean sprouts, onions, basil, cilantro, Sriracha, and hoisin sauce, all in a flour tortilla. Small cups of broth were even provided to dip it in or spoon the broth onto your Pho-rrito.

While I’ve had different takes on the Pho-rrito, this one was probably the closest representation to true pho flavor. It had that deep rich flavor that I loved.

If you want the full pho experience, there were two options for broth to choose from. There was a simple broth and a spicy one with Vietnamese sate sauce. They were piping hot (temperature-wise) and needed some time to cool down.

I poured my broth over the Pho-rrito. If you do that, be sure to eat quick as the tortilla will quickly get soggy. Another option if you dine in was to spoon the broth over your Pho-rrito. One thing I’d highly recommend is to order it to go. Then take it home and pour the broth into a bowl so you can properly dip.

The cost of the meal was $10 and was about as filling as a bowl of pho.

All in all, it was a fun delicious creation that I’d order again in the future.

1920 E Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas 67211

Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 7:30pm
Closed on Monday

Cash/Card Accepted

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