Stopping by Leeker’s Family Foods for deli food and garlic salad

I’ve been to Leeker’s Family Foods in the past to make a quick food run for BBQ’s in Park City but have never stopped by their deli section. Over the years I’ve had many people swear by the food at Leeker’s and telling me it’s the best garlic salad in town since Doc’s Steakhouse closed. I’ve had quite the experience with Doc’s garlic salad in my time and probably ate it 4-5 times a week for a stretch of many years. Let’s check it out.

6223 N Broadway, Park City, KS 67219

Open Daily: 7am – 10pm

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Starting off with the deli, it was a typical grocery store set up when I arrived. They have a hot and cold section with multiple dishes to choose from.

I decided to go with spaghetti, fried chicken and meatloaf. I figured those were a good array of deli items to choose from. On this visit, I was joined by Jeremy from Fert the Foodie, and we also purchased a big quart of their garlic salad.

The fried chicken was probably the best part of the meal. We were quite impressed with how crispy and juicy the chicken was. An 8-piece fried chicken ran $7.99 and was definitely worth it for anybody stopping by.

Everything else kind of went downhill. The spaghetti was nothing exceptional; just your standard spaghetti found at nearly any cafeteria. The meatloaf though was a very poor excuse for meatloaf. It was dry and bland. Sitting out under the heat lamp probably didn’t help matters much, but I had to give it a try and find out for myself.

Now let’s talk garlic salad.

To this day, I’ve never found a garlic salad like Doc’s despite multiple recommendations. I’ve had the recipe sent to me many times over the years as well but haven’t bothered to attempt it yet. This is what Doc’s looked like:

This is what Leeker’s looked like.

Leeker’s was insanely creamy. You could barely feel the texture of the cabbage or any other vegetable. Doc’s had lots of “secret dressing” mixed in, but you could still get a small bit of crunch from the carrots, celery and cabbage; the texture was there and it wasn’t swimming in sauce. Leeker’s was almost like mush. I’m sorry but anybody who told me Leeker’s is just like Doc’s was lying.

For quick deli food, I suppose Leeker’s is a good an option as any grocery store around town but in no way can I recommend the garlic salad if you’re looking for a Doc’s replacement.

Happy Dining,

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3 thoughts on “Stopping by Leeker’s Family Foods for deli food and garlic salad”

  1. I’ve been buying food at their deli for about 5 years now, but I’ve never bought anything from the buffet part, I get food from the counter.

    IMHO, it’s the best fried chicken for a grocery store. I also get their ribs, catfish (both cajun and regular), chicken tenders (both regular and spicy), potato wedges, and my grandkids absolutely love the mac and cheese.

    For me, it’s a great way to feed the whole family when I go see the grandkids.

  2. And their biscuits and gravy melt in your mouth. .fried chicken,excellent. I really don’t like salads. The only salad I ever craved, was Furrs sweet slaw. I can still taste it. But overall leekers puts on a good buffet, etc. It’s hearty. Fills up by a working man. And a lot of dishes fr homemade macaroni and cheese .it’s like sitting down too your grandma’s table.

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